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This year, American Planning Association Technology Division will participate in the annual Hacktoberfest event hosted by DigitalOcean and GitHub. Through this event the APA Planning Technology Division seeks to encourage planners and individuals employed in planning-adjacent professions to contribute to, interact with, and gain familarity with the planning-technology-resources GitHub page maintained by the APA Technology Division.


Event Guidelines:

---> To be eligible for Top 10 prizes, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

---> *** UPDATE *** To be eligible for Top 3 prizes or awards you must be a Member of the American Planning Association.

---> To be eligible for prizes or awards through the Digital Ocean/GitHub sponsored event you must submit using GitHub.

---> Contact Lian Plass ( if you encounter any issues submitting through the Google Form or through GitHub


  1. Check out the planning-technology-resources repository
  2. Identify any resources you'd like to contribute to the repository that are not already there
  3. Navigate to the online form using the link above
  4. If this is your first time contributing to the repo as part of this event, fill out both SECTION 1 AND SECTION 2 of the form
  5. Click "Submit" and repeat these steps for each resource you'd like to contribute
  6. Check the Leaderboard page periodically toward the end of the month to see where you stand and keep an eye out for awards announcements


  1. Visit the planning-technology-resources GitHub repository
  2. Identify your resources
  3. Read the contribution guide located in the file in the planning-technology-resources repository. Note that there is also a video guide on how to use GitHub in the guide as well.
  4. Submit a Pull Request in conformance with requirements outlined in the file


Contributions are weighted according to their relative value to the repository and are divided into four types (See below for scoring matrix). Additional points are awarded for contributions to sections that have a below-average number of resources as of the date of the event.

General Submission Uncommon Submission (x2 Bonus)
Proprietary Resources 5 pts 10 pts
Freemium Resources 10 pts 20 pts
Free Resources 15 pts 30 pts
Free and Open Source Resources 20 pts 40 pts

Top 10 Award

The Top 10 contributors will receive a T-SHIRT.

Top 3 Award

The Top 3 contributors will receive a Planning Technology Division Membership, A book related to technology in planning, and a TOTE BAG.

Top Overall Award

The top contributor overall will receive a LASER CUT CITY MAP

, a Planning Technology Division Membership, A book related to technology in planning, and a tote bag.